Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Yes I'm late doing this again, so much to do, not enough time! Here we are though with the cards from my parcel from Liz for March, the theme was chosen by Pat and was "The Four Seasons". I wasn't happy with my Spring choice and ended up making a second one so I did 5 cards from this parcel ................. and here they are ...........

This is (obviously!) my Winter card, couldn't resist using those cute little robins

This is my Spring card ......... the second one I made. Those little birds nesting are definitely saying Spring is here

This is my Summer card, beautiful lilac

This was the first card I made for Spring then I decided it seemed more Autumn to me for some reason ....... still not sure really which it suits best!

This is my Autumn card, the skeleton leaves and the touches of red/pink/brown do it for me

We also decided this year that we would make one Christmas card each month, I have finally caught up with them and here are my first 3 -- Jan/Feb/March -- cards ready for Christmas!

So I am all up to date for the moment and time to move onto the April parcels.

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  1. Yay. Some great cards there and you are right, the new Spring card is a good one