Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tuesday was crafting day with Liz so she tackled her September parcel from me and I tackled mine from her .............. with a helping paw or 2 from our new kitten Elfie!!
I knew when I spread out the lovely array of bits (one gorgeous piece of backing paper went immediately into my "I love that & I'm keeping it" file!!) that I could definitely get 3 or 4 cards from it, and I did those while Liz made 4 from mine ............. a succesful (and very enjoyable) day. I wasn't finished though, I put my parcel away with ideas for at least 1 more card in my head but when I took it out the next day I ended up making 3 more!!!! I think both Liz & Pat will say these 3 are definitely "my style", not sure if they will like them or not (I think so even though they are not their style) ...... I certainly do!
So, on with the show ...........

 This first one took a little working out, I knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure how to lay it out at first (I also told Liz - nicely! - I wanted more images of that lovely picture so I could try colouring it). The greeting was from my stash and just seemed to fit perfectly.

 A fairly simple layout for this but just a little different, .......... which I like, LOL

 The backing paper here came from my stash as it seemed to fit best, again a fairly simple card but I like it

 Another simple card but I was happy with it

 Now onto the other 3! I really like this one, don't ask me why, I just do! It took me a while to work it out .......... eventually I used one of my own stamps to make a background, the main image and the piece I layered it onto came from my parcel, and the clocks on the top are from one of Liz's stamps that she brought over last time and let me stamp some bits ........ they came in handy fairly quick!

 Same image as before but this was in shades of brown so I used some bits I'd stamped fron one of Liz's stamps on a previous visit as a background, they seemed just right to me

 The image here was from my parcel as was the frame around it (leftover from cutting a bit out for another card!). The background was a bit of scrap wallpaper from my stash ............ I tried so many bits of backing paper before this one and none seemed "just right" to me, but as soon as I came across this bit I knew my search was over.

So there we are, all up to date with Septembers cards. I may get a few more from the parcels, who knows, but it won't be just yet ................. to be honest I'm waiting very impatiently for next months envelopes when we "swap the swaps" and give back all those bits we couldn't use or that just weren't us, I cannot wait to see what Liz & Pat have sent back!!!!!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Well it's way past time I showed what I did with the parcel for September .......... it's really not my fault I'm slow, a cousin dragged me back into Family History on a line I haven't touched for over a year, and while searching for some notes I decided it was time I finished the job of sorting out my filing cabinet!!! So I have been knee deep in scraps of paper .......... almost literally at times!!!!!
Anyway I'm here now and armed with some cards so let's get on with the show, ........ the theme was "Mens cards" and (so far) I have done 3 with the lovely selection of bits Pat sent me .......

I have to admit I had no idea what I was going to do with either this paper or image but (being a football fan) I had to use it, I hope it will resemble someone celebrating his team winning!

  I wanted to use these 2 papers but had no idea how until Liz said "How do you use a tie?". The answer came to me immediately, with a shirt, so I took the plain paper and cut a shape, folded the corners down (luckily it was white on the back so made a nice contrast) and, after adding the tie and some "buttons" hoped it looked at least something like a shirt!!

I loved this paper but it took me a while to decide how to use it. In the end I just added the plane image (I inked the edges of it first) ........... then I found just a small peel off greeting which seemed to be all it needed to me.

I also finally finished this card from Liz's August parcel!! I had started it but needed to colour the image, finally I got it done .......

Then, whilst playing around one day, I made this one from bits and pieces, ..........
Look Pat, I found a stamp I like!!!!!!! Ok so it only says Happy Birthday but it's big and has lots of uses ............... and (most important) I like it!!!!
So there you have Septembers work so far, next week I start on Liz's parcel ........... more goodies to play with. I do enjoy these parcel swaps.