Thursday, 18 June 2015


Some pictures from a day out with my daughter when we visited 2 local beauty spots.
First Beachy Head ................

And now on to Cuckmere Haven ........... 


The monster is Jaffa, me daughters 1 year old ginger cat ........... she doesn't like letting cats out much as we are close to a small but fairly busy road and in a flat, if we had our own garden it would be a little different, ............ and this one seems to find trouble without looking!!
But she let him out the other afternoon, she went down to the yard with him, ... I went along with my camera!!
After having a look around and taking in the various smells Jaffa headed for one of the trees ............ and shot up as far as he could go!!!!!! He then realised he was still nowhere the birds he had his eye on .............. and he had no idea how to get down!!!! For about half an hour he went back and forth among the branches, slipping, hanging on for dear life at times and looking down at us for help ............. we called and encouraged (and giggled at his antics) and eventually he worked it out, well sort of, and with a slip, a slide, and a rush he made it back to the ground .........

Hey look at me, I'm can climb right to the top ....

Hmmm, it's not quite as easy as I thought ......

Where do I go now?

I'll just rest here and enjoy the view ....

Ooooops!! I don't think this is quite righ!

This is not doing my street cred any good at all ............ Heeeelp!!!

Well it was my first attempt and I did get down all by myself ......... eventually!!!!

Bloomin' June!

Half way through the year already ....... doesn't seem possible.Where does the time go?
I must be getting used to our technique challenges as I found this months a lot easier, LOL. I used Decoupage for Pat's parcel and Die cuts for Liz's and managed a total of 5 cards.
So on with the show and first up the cards from Liz's parcel ......

Both very simple cards, loved this picture as it reminded me of my childhood and picking bunches of bluebells to take home for my Mum and my Nan

This one was even easier as I just put a greeting on a tag and added it to the paper Liz had included!

So onto my parcel from Pat now ...........

I used the paper from my parcel with the decoupaged gardening bits from my stash

Although only a little of it shows the blue background paper was from the parcel and the rest from my stash

Again I used the paper from my parcel with bits from my stash

I'm quite happy with this months makes which is unusual as there is usually at least one I don't like much after I've made it, LOL