Saturday, 19 July 2014


Look at this .......... it's not the last day of the month yet here I am with my cards made & ready to blog, think the sunshine has gone to my head, LOL.
This months theme was sport and I've made 2 cards from Liz's parcel & 3 from Pat's. I could have made more with all the lovely bits I was given by both Liz and Pat but I don't need them at the moment so I'm saving the bits for now. All the cards are fairly simple because I'm still searching for some inspiration!

So these first 2 are from Liz's parcel  ............ this is my least favourite of the lot! I like the picture but it just didn't turn out how I wanted it to really.

The 2nd one from Liz's parcel, I like this a lot more now it's done than when I was making it, I wasn't too sure about it then.

These 3 are from Pat's parcel ............... I liked my colouring on this one, I only used coloured pencils as I didn't want it too bright at all. I love the picture so I'm glad I managed not to spoil it!

The 2nd from Pat's parcel and again I was fairly happy with my colouring. I liked the blue background paper as it looks a bit like water and went well with the fishing pic.

And my last from Pat's parcel ......... a very simple card, a lovely background paper that made me think of grass and a cute little bicycle topper and a greeting ........ even I couldn't go wrong, LOL

So there we are, Julys cards all done, although I may yet make some more, I don't know.