Monday, 26 August 2013

Ok, second part of todays Blog .......... which will come out above the first part!!!!! ........... I wanted to Blog these drawings I have been working on recently for a change .....

This is a pencil drawing, I feel it's not finished but I'm wary of adding to it in case I spoil it!!!!

And then I just have to show off these 2 gorgeous parchment pictures that a friend on one of my lists did from one of my drawings and sent to me (Thank You Lesley), aren't they just beautiful?

So that's it for today, hope you enjoy looking at it all and see something you like.

I have several things to Blog this week so I'm going to divide it into 2 parts (aren't you lucky!!). Firstly my August parcel from Liz ....... we are still on Pat's theme of  "Sympathy, Get Well & Thinking of You" (unfortunately we all need those cards at times don't we).
Liz, as usual, gave me a lovely selection to work from, and as she joined me for a lovely crafting day too, we both set to work.
Here is what I did (not all that day, some I did the next day), the first 4 cards are almost totally from Liz's parcel, the next 2 have bits from her parcel too, .....

This one was easy, those gorgeous butterflies really don't need much added to them.

I love these poppies, and I managed to colour them ok!!! Again they don't need much ......... there is no greeting yet as I haven't decided what I want!!

I wasn't sure about this one at first but by the time I'd finished it I liked it

Another one I wasn't sure about ........ I'm still not!!!

I really wanted to use this gorgeous butterfly/birdcage paper Liz  included and finally I worked out how to

Another lovely paper I was determined to use

I wanted to try using this heart parcment paper (think it came from Pat originally), after seeing the problems Liz had sticking hers down without it showing I decided to put it behind a frame I had.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

So time to start on my August parcels .......... Pat's first (don't ask me why but I always do Pat's first!). As always when I opened it lots of lovely bits and pieces fell onto my table .......... and, as always, my heart sank!! Pat had chosen the theme for the month, "Get Well, Sympathy & Thinking of You". I had no ideas at all what to do!!
Liz came over for a lovely days crafting and while waiting for her to arrive I spread my bits out on the table and slowly a couple of ideas came to me ........... it was a beginning.
After Liz arrived we had a coffee and a natter before setting to work ................. what a succesful day it turned into, we made 5 cards each!!!!! Once I got started they just seemed to come together and I added very little of my own stuff as everything I wanted was in my parcel.
So here's the finished cards ..............

I even coloured some of Pat's stamped images in (she does love her stamping!) ......... and used them!!!!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I entered 3 cards I made into a monthly competition run by a group I am in, the theme was "Oriental", and I am very pleased to say that one of them was the winner!!!
Here are the 3 cards ...................

Now I await what I know will be a lovely prize donated by a group member