Sunday, 30 June 2013


Well I don't know what happened but somehow I lost the post I did a few hours for today!! I have no idea where it went so it looks like I have to do it all over again!
I just about managed to get the 3 cards I made from Liz's parcel finished and on here in time, it being the last day of June and tomorrow I can peep into Julys parcels ........... if I have time!!
So here is what I have made so far, I have 1 more in mind yet but not sure exactly what bits I want to use on it, ..........................

I also made 1 more card this month, the picture came from an earlier parcel of Pat's, the glitter strips were also from Pat, the backing paper I'm not sure of ......... it's my age you know, I just can't remember everything!! The idea for the layout of the card definitely came from Liz ........... it's her favourite layout, LOL.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Well it was time to open my June crafting parcels .............. the theme this month (chosen by yours truly) was "Christmas ......with a difference!". I have nothing against traditional Christmas cards at all, in fact I like them, but I started thinking and realised that not everyone i send cards to at Christmas is into the "traditional" sort, nor are they all religious, so i decided I needed to do some slightly "different" type cards, rather than the more normal "red/green, santa, snowman, holly" type.
I could hear Liz gasp and see Pat sink into her chair in despair but i showed no mercy and held to my choice!!! I had a look at both parcels and was pleased with what i saw. I have a couple of ideas for when I start on Liz's but yesterday I decided to go with Pats parcel first.
Liz joined me for a fun days crafting and between us we had everything we could want .............. except inspiration!!! Liz forgot hers and I've lost mine!! However after a day struggling ............. there were several long silences (almost unheard of before, LOL) while we both sat and looked at all the lovely bits we had and tried desperately to think what to do with them ..................... i finall managed to make 3 cards, all of which I am pleased with, so in the end it was another succesfull day's work!!