Saturday, 28 June 2014


Well I've just managed to get my June cards here before the end of the month. I have really struggled for some reason. The theme was "Animals" and when I first looked at my parcels I thought "yes, I can work with these", BUT when I came to put things together it was a different story!
Both parcels contained (as usual) some lovely bits and a nice variety of things but all inspiration had left me and, despite liking the bits and pieces, somehow they suddenly seemed to have a mind of their own and, and with no inspiration, nothing seemed quite right!!!
Eventually I managed to make 2 cards from each parcel, all fairly plain & simple. Hopefully by next month I'll have found some inspiration from somewhere and will be able to do my parcels justice .......... I don't think I did this month, sorry Liz & Pat.

These first 2 came from the parcel from Liz. I don't much like the brown backing on this now even though it seemed ok when I made it!!

I do quite like this one, I added some peel off edging and gems to give it a bit more but a very simple card.

The next 2 are from Pat's parcel.
I had no idea where this one was going! I was fairly happy with my colouring although as always it could have been better!

I loved this Hippo pic, it's so cute and I wanted to use it but it really didn't need much added to it, so I cut it into a circle that was slightly bigger than the card, then trimmed the edges, just to give a little bit different shape, and added some gems and a greeting.
So there we are, my cards for June, ............... I did my best, LOL