Monday, 17 February 2014


I have joined a Facebook group where every week you get a prompt for a Journal page ........... I thought it might be fun and teach me more about Art Journalling. It is ..... and it has!!! I've found I enjoy having a prompt as a starting point much more than just a blank page, especially when it is up to me how I interpret that prompt, it just gives me that place to begin.
I was a little slow to get going with things but have now caught up, and I've decided to let you see my pages too (if you want to look at them that is!).
So here are weeks 1-6 .................. minus week 4, I'm not happy with that one yet!!!

Week 1 -- Up, up and away!

Week 2 ........... Somewhere, a simple place

Week 3 .......... You make me smile

Week 5 ........... Abstract art

Week 6 ............... The art of love letters.

Because I am enjoying this so much I also decided yesterday that each month I would attempt a Journal page using the "theme" from our parcel swaps ............ I have to catch up there as I have January to do as well as this month!!
Sooooooooo it looks like you might be seeing a lot of journal pages this year .................. well, you can ignore them if you really want to, I'll never know, LOL

February parcel from Pat

So February arrived with the theme chosen by Liz .......... she chose "1,2,3" meaning we had to use 1 piece of plain paper, 2 pieces of patterned paper & 3 embellishments on each card (she did try to help by saying we could also add anything else we wanted as long as we still used the stipulated pieces!).
Now I hardly ever use more than 1 pattern on a card and I found this very difficult but again Liz & Pat came to my aid with some suggestions. Eventually I surprised myself by making 4 cards from Pats parcel ........... even more surprising I like them, LOL.

Sorry the shiny topper doesn't show up too well here. I struggled a bit with this one as I had the pink flowered paper & the pink plain but, oh what to put with it. Finally I decided that as the yellow had pink stripes on it it would go!!

Not so sure about this one as the others, I sort of cheated as a few of the patterned papers Pat added were double sided, so on this one I simply turned the corner down!!

This was probably the easiest one I made as the paper was double sided and I was able to find a piece on one side that had a little of the pink/yellow check on it and matched with the other side, then I just used a lemon for the background and coloured the little girl using mainly yellow/pink/green to link them together

I struggled again with this one until Liz said about using a narrow strip of 1 pattern similar to a ribbon strip, then it worked for me as I could do 1 pattern top & bottom, with the 2nd as a centre strip.

It was a difficult challenge (and I'm only half way, still got to do my parcel from Liz!!!) but it was fun and it did show me I could use more than one pattern and like it.