Monday, 17 February 2014

February parcel from Pat

So February arrived with the theme chosen by Liz .......... she chose "1,2,3" meaning we had to use 1 piece of plain paper, 2 pieces of patterned paper & 3 embellishments on each card (she did try to help by saying we could also add anything else we wanted as long as we still used the stipulated pieces!).
Now I hardly ever use more than 1 pattern on a card and I found this very difficult but again Liz & Pat came to my aid with some suggestions. Eventually I surprised myself by making 4 cards from Pats parcel ........... even more surprising I like them, LOL.

Sorry the shiny topper doesn't show up too well here. I struggled a bit with this one as I had the pink flowered paper & the pink plain but, oh what to put with it. Finally I decided that as the yellow had pink stripes on it it would go!!

Not so sure about this one as the others, I sort of cheated as a few of the patterned papers Pat added were double sided, so on this one I simply turned the corner down!!

This was probably the easiest one I made as the paper was double sided and I was able to find a piece on one side that had a little of the pink/yellow check on it and matched with the other side, then I just used a lemon for the background and coloured the little girl using mainly yellow/pink/green to link them together

I struggled again with this one until Liz said about using a narrow strip of 1 pattern similar to a ribbon strip, then it worked for me as I could do 1 pattern top & bottom, with the 2nd as a centre strip.

It was a difficult challenge (and I'm only half way, still got to do my parcel from Liz!!!) but it was fun and it did show me I could use more than one pattern and like it.


  1. YAY...glad you enjoyed the challenge. Oh wait..... I have got to see your face when you create cards from my parcel

  2. FINALLY catching up on the blogs :o) You've done well, Terri. I know I put some weird & wonderful things in, but I found the 1,2,3 a bit of a challenge :o)

  3. LOL, I've just caught up with Blogging the last of my April cards and my Christmas cards for Jan/Feb/March so you're not alone Pat. Liz already knows that I think this was the hardest one we've done!! ....... but the challenge was good and we did it.