Monday, 24 March 2014


Time to open the March parcels, the theme chosen by Pat was "The Four Seasons" .......... lot's of lovely bits and pieces to work with in Pat's parcel. My only problem was I don't do Easter or Halloween cards and nothing was really shouting Spring or Autumn to me, so I did my Summer & winter cards then had a think about the bits I had left. To actually make Easter or Halloween cards seemed a waste of time as I wouldn't use them and yet there were some really cute bits Pat had included that I wanted to use ........ eventually I decided to make 2 "tags" that could be used on a card if I wanted or, who knows, may find their way into my Art Journal for my future pleasure!!!
So here they are, hope you like them ....................

My Winter card, I was actually quite happy with my colouring of the picture, i used my water colour pencils as I wanted to keep it quite light.

My Summer card ...... I just had to use this lovely flowery picture Pat included and the roses and butterfly immediately said summer to me.

A Halloween tag ................ I was quite happy with this and liked my decision to have some bits going over the edge of the tag.

My Easter tag ............... I had to use this lovely dragonfly vellum paper & the cute little tag, a little bit of ribbon & a couple of flowers finished the tag.

So there we are, I know I can get more from Pat's parcel at a later date but for now it is time to turn my attention to the goodies in the parcel from Liz!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

I'M LATE, I'M LATE .......

I know it's March and here I am posting the last of my February cards!!!!! Blame my daughter for being so generous as to share her delightful cold with me ............. blame Liz for choosing the 1-2-3 challenge (Oh am I glad to see the back of that one!!) ........ alright, if you must, blame me for being lazy!!
So I finally got this challenge finished and I'm sure Pat heard my huge sigh of relief all the way over in Kent, LOL. I managed 4 cards from Liz's parcel eventually and here they are .........

For the first one I used the pinky yellow patterned paper & the Happy Birthday piece, with the plain red behind the greeting bit, then the pretty little butterflies as my 3 embellishments. Think this one is what I'd call "the best of a bad bunch"!!!!!

This one is ok, I used 2 bits of the brown/white patterned paper and a plain piece in between, with 3 bits of card candy.

This one is very plain & simple and I'm not keen on it at all !!!

I don't really like this one, ....... I used the patterned square of paper with the brown (yes it is brown although it looks black here), then used another patterned bit to edge the yellow piece .......... however just after scanning it that thin edging piece fell off (it never did want to stick!!) and I have to admit I like the card better without it so this one doesn't really qualify now as it only has one patterned piece!!!!

So there we are, Februarys' 1-2-3 challenge is all done and dusted .................. and it really was a challenge and a half for me!!! I've had a quick look at my March parcels and I'm a happy bunny again, I can work with them and with Pat's "4 seasons" theme.