Thursday, 3 September 2015


Well talk about late, I'm so late it's not worth mentioning........... but I did!!!
I never even managed to blog July's cards although I did make them, but only 1 from each parcel. It was all my daughters fault, having reached 39 she thought she would try out her first "childhood" illness and went down with Chicken Pox! I have to admit she was very bad with it and I did all the right Motherly things, looking after her, tempting her to eat, worrying over her ................. well I did until i found she had passed it on to me! As I'd had it as a child I was even less amused, LOL. Luckily by then she was feeling well enough to take over the nursing duties, ........... good job too cos I can tell you now that getting it as an adult is no fun at all !!!!!!!!
So July basically escaped me, August wasn't far behind as I tried get some energy back and catch up with myself. I had to make my cards alone as Liz and I didn't manage a crafting day but luckily this month had a theme rather than techniques ......... and that theme was Christmas.
I made 4 cards, 2 from each parcel (although I may well make more in time) so without any further rambling from me here they are ...................

Firstly from Liz's parcel 2 fairly simple ones but I liked them both.

Then from Pat's parcel again 2 fairly simple ones, and again I like them but I have to admit the red one is my favourite of all. 

So there we are, finally I have August done and dusted. I can't even remember what we are doing this month (September) so I'll have to find my parcels and check that out, at least I've caught up!