Saturday, 18 April 2015


Hello, it's April ............. and we are making Christmas Cards!! Well you have to start early or run out of time, LOL, the months speed along sooooo fast ..... or is that just me getting old?
Anyway, no techniques this month just the theme Christmas.
So here we go, starting with my parcel from Pat ....

For this one I just wanted to do something a bit different, it was actually the last card I made and the others were all fairly simple so I played around a little more with bits & pieces of paper and came up with this ..

This one was very simple, a stripey background paper and the greetings cut out in a tree shape ......... I did add some little peel off pieces around the tree and a starry snowflake shape on the top just so I felt I'd done a bit more than I did!!

Onto my parcel from Liz then .....

This turned out to be my favourite this month (although I liked them all), I wasn't sure about it at first but the more I looked at it the more I liked it.

Another very simple one, background paper, a picture & a greeting ..... I like it though.

I have noticed that each month both Liz & Pat manage to send me at least 1 piece almost the same, this month they both included a stripey piece of paper and a round Robin picture!!

Now one more card this month which was easier than easy! I used a piece of paper that came from a box of chocolates last Christmas and a greeting ..... that was it!!!!
So there we are, I've caught up with March and I've done Aprils ............ can't be bad, LOL.
See you next month.

I'M LATE ..... VERY LATE .....

In fact I'm a whole month late!!!! I had a lovely crafting day with Liz in March and made my monthly cards ....... then somehow the month got away from me and suddenly it was April and I still hadn't blogged my March cards!!!! So here I am catching up.
Our techniques to choose from this month were Zentangle (i love Zentangle but haven't yet used it on a card!), Embossing & Rubber Stamping.
I made 2 cards from each parcel so let's get on with the show ... first Pat's parcel, for which I chose embossing as my technique, ...........

For this one I used a lovely bit of embossed paper Pat had included along with a little picture & greeting also from the parcel.

Again the background paper was my embossed piece, although it doesn't show very well here.

Now onto my parcel from Liz and for this one I chose Rubber stamping.
A very simple card here with a little stamped bird and some lovely spotty paper.
 Again a fairly simple card, the flowers were stamped and then cut out.

And finally my piece using all three techniques, .... this took me ages to do and eventually I ended up making a little tag, ....... I zentangled the background, cut out the stamped image of the little mice under the flower and used an embossed piece of paper for a frame.

So there we are, I have caught up with March .............. now to do Aprils before the months over!!!!!