Saturday, 18 April 2015

I'M LATE ..... VERY LATE .....

In fact I'm a whole month late!!!! I had a lovely crafting day with Liz in March and made my monthly cards ....... then somehow the month got away from me and suddenly it was April and I still hadn't blogged my March cards!!!! So here I am catching up.
Our techniques to choose from this month were Zentangle (i love Zentangle but haven't yet used it on a card!), Embossing & Rubber Stamping.
I made 2 cards from each parcel so let's get on with the show ... first Pat's parcel, for which I chose embossing as my technique, ...........

For this one I used a lovely bit of embossed paper Pat had included along with a little picture & greeting also from the parcel.

Again the background paper was my embossed piece, although it doesn't show very well here.

Now onto my parcel from Liz and for this one I chose Rubber stamping.
A very simple card here with a little stamped bird and some lovely spotty paper.
 Again a fairly simple card, the flowers were stamped and then cut out.

And finally my piece using all three techniques, .... this took me ages to do and eventually I ended up making a little tag, ....... I zentangled the background, cut out the stamped image of the little mice under the flower and used an embossed piece of paper for a frame.

So there we are, I have caught up with March .............. now to do Aprils before the months over!!!!!

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  1. The sedcond and third ones are my favourite and your tag is a very neat way to use all three