Monday, 26 August 2013

Ok, second part of todays Blog .......... which will come out above the first part!!!!! ........... I wanted to Blog these drawings I have been working on recently for a change .....

This is a pencil drawing, I feel it's not finished but I'm wary of adding to it in case I spoil it!!!!

And then I just have to show off these 2 gorgeous parchment pictures that a friend on one of my lists did from one of my drawings and sent to me (Thank You Lesley), aren't they just beautiful?

So that's it for today, hope you enjoy looking at it all and see something you like.


  1. Love the zentangle and clever Lesley

  2. Your art work is just stunning, Terri. I love the pencil drawing - it might be a bit unfinished to you, but I can see the tree & the girls' hair moving in the wind.

    Lovely parchment work as always by Lesley, too :o;)