Wednesday, 7 August 2013

So time to start on my August parcels .......... Pat's first (don't ask me why but I always do Pat's first!). As always when I opened it lots of lovely bits and pieces fell onto my table .......... and, as always, my heart sank!! Pat had chosen the theme for the month, "Get Well, Sympathy & Thinking of You". I had no ideas at all what to do!!
Liz came over for a lovely days crafting and while waiting for her to arrive I spread my bits out on the table and slowly a couple of ideas came to me ........... it was a beginning.
After Liz arrived we had a coffee and a natter before setting to work ................. what a succesful day it turned into, we made 5 cards each!!!!! Once I got started they just seemed to come together and I added very little of my own stuff as everything I wanted was in my parcel.
So here's the finished cards ..............

I even coloured some of Pat's stamped images in (she does love her stamping!) ......... and used them!!!!


  1. Brilliant !! Well done, Terri - especially on the stamps !! :o) Yes, I do love my stamps, but my colouring is still pretty bad at times, so don't fretal petal :o)

  2. YAY....... we did good, girl, we did good!!!

  3. Pat ...... TY, I surprised myself but they just seemed to come together without much effort once I started, must have been a good parcel!!! I didn't do too bad on the colouring for once and I remembered to ink the edges which really does make it look better, makes it look part of the card rather than just a bit of paper stuck on top if you know what I mean.

    Liz ....... we certainly did do good, an excellent days work (and play)