Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bloomin' June!

Half way through the year already ....... doesn't seem possible.Where does the time go?
I must be getting used to our technique challenges as I found this months a lot easier, LOL. I used Decoupage for Pat's parcel and Die cuts for Liz's and managed a total of 5 cards.
So on with the show and first up the cards from Liz's parcel ......

Both very simple cards, loved this picture as it reminded me of my childhood and picking bunches of bluebells to take home for my Mum and my Nan

This one was even easier as I just put a greeting on a tag and added it to the paper Liz had included!

So onto my parcel from Pat now ...........

I used the paper from my parcel with the decoupaged gardening bits from my stash

Although only a little of it shows the blue background paper was from the parcel and the rest from my stash

Again I used the paper from my parcel with bits from my stash

I'm quite happy with this months makes which is unusual as there is usually at least one I don't like much after I've made it, LOL

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  1. Lovely cards...seems so long since then