Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Almost at the end of the month but I just have time to show the cards I made from Liz's parcel. Inspiration was short to begin and, although I had 3 planned, I thought that would be it but in the end I managed to make 6, so my Christmas card stash is looking good now.
Here we go then ........

This one came together as I played around with all the lovely bits and pieces, like most of them this month it was very quick & simple to make

Another very quick & easy one but this gorgeous little fellow just didn't need much to add to his attraction

A lovely robin, always very Christmassy

For once I was quite pleased with my colouring here. I just backed the image onto a darker purple paper and the lighter purple went lovely with it

I really wanted to use this lovely ornament image that Liz included but at first I just didn't know how, ....... eventually (after a suggestion from Liz, thank you) I used some lacy tape I had to go down the edge and let the image stand out

I'm not sure where this one came from, LOL, just playing around with bits and pieces and it seemed to work so I took a chance and made it up ................. know what?..... I actually like it!
So there we are, from my 2 April parcels I made 15 Christmas cards!!!! Great parcels.
Now to get ready for May which was my choice ............. I decided it was time we all used more of those really "busy & colourful" patterned papers that we tend to keep putting aside because we're not sure what to do with them ................ can't wait to see what we all make!!


  1. YAY for all your cards (definitely not a yay for next month's parcel theme...where did you get that one from!!)

  2. Lovely, Terri. My fave is the ornament with tape down the left side. Very elegant.