Friday, 30 May 2014


Ooooops!!! Only just in time to get this done before the end of the month!! Where does the time go? One minute I've got ages and the next I'm late!
Never mind, I'm here now and ready to show you the cards I made from my May parcels. The theme was mine and I chose "busy patterns" ........ in other words all those bright, colourful, busy papers that we tend to push to the back of the drawer because we're just not sure what to do with them. When it came to making the cards I half wished I'd picked something easier, LOL, but not one to shirk a challenge I set to and eventually made 3 cards from Pat's parcel & 4 from Liz's, so, without further ado, here they are ....

Firstly the cards from Pat's parcel ....
This one I used a frame Pat had included and a piece of a very busy paper behind it, a strip from another piece of paper went behind it and 4 small blue dots at the corners, I then added the little fairy to the corner

This really was a busy piece of paper, nice but so much going on ............ in the end I chose to use a black & white picture Pat had included, which I placed onto a piece of purple paper leaving a very narrow edge, on top of it

This one was a very simple one, I used part of a piece of paper from the parcel and just added a piece of ribbon & a greeting

So on to the cards from Liz's parcel .......................

I loved this paper from Liz, at first I wasn't sure what to do with it though, then I decided to add 2 thin strips of ribbon across the corner and to make a tag from some other bits in the parcel, then I just had to add a greeting

A very simple one, although I don't like green much I did like this paper and decided to use it with this sweet picture of the little girl blowing bubbles which I layered onto another piece of green

This one took a little bit of working out and came together gradually. I wanted to use the piece of green card Liz had included and rounded the corners on it, then I was stuck!!! Liz had also included a sheet of paper which had lots of squares similar to the 2 I used here (which I cut from it of course), I rounded the 2 end corners on each of them. Liz suggested the greeting in the centre and I decided to use a strip of white paper so it would look like the topper piece was slipped behind it. Small pieces punched from a remnant of the green card added the finishing touch.

Ooooh one of Liz's gorgeous butterflies, of course I had to use that, although at first I wasn't sure how as it seemed to get lost on everything I tried. Eventually I decided these 3 bits of paper layered together worked and (just to be different) I chose to line them up with the edge of the card for a slightly different look.

So that's the end of the May parcels, although I still have lots of lovely bits to use in the future ......... now onto the June parcels with a theme from Liz of animals.

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  1. Well done ..... it was a good crafting session wasn't it. Lovely to see little Jaffa at the top of your blog