Sunday, 20 April 2014


Time to get on with the April parcels, the agreed theme for this 4th month was Christmas so we could get an early start on those cards! First up my parcel from Pat ............ lots of lovely bits and pieces to play with and I think she slipped in an invisible secret ingredient because I ended up making 9 ---- yes NINE!!! --- cards!! Please can I have more of that secret ingredient Pat?
Because I managed to make so many I am letting one of these be my monthly Christmas card for April.
So here we go ...........

This one was very simple, I loved the old house and the blue spotted paper was perfect behind it for a snowy sky.

Another fairly simple one, ........ not one of my favourites though!

I like this one, my colouring wasn't that good although it is better than it's come out here.

Another easy one to make and another one I like.

When I sorted out the bits to make cards this one was not among them but somewhere along the line it seemed to come together and get made

I really liked this background paper but it was a bit busy so needed covering a little.

I rarely use aperture cards which is probably why there are quite a lot at the bottom of my draw!! So I thought I'd have a play and ended up with this which I quite like

Another aperture card used,

And number 9 (this will be my April Christmas card!) ......... I like this one even though I don't like green!

So there we are .......... I think that is enough from Pat's parcel for now, I shall save the remaining bits for another day and move onto my parcel from Liz, .......... hmmmmm, wonder if she'll include a secret ingredient to help me too?


  1. Hmmmm. Methinks I was far too generous with my parcel bits this month !!! :o) Lovely selection, Terri. I hope you've returned the favour & put in some magic for me ,too !! :o)

  2. Well if I knew what it was I'd chuck a bagful in for you!!!! Thank you

  3. A lovely selection of cards made from Pat's parcel. I don't think you will find any magic; the shop had run out when I went to put it in my shopping basket.