Friday, 1 November 2013

Here are 2 cards and a card front I made last night and this morning from my stash .......... I spent a day sorting all my nesties cut outs and embossed bits, got a load of old polypockets and cut in half, then put shapes in some order ....... ie. ovals in one, square in another, round in another, etc, ....... and put embossed all in separate ones so I can see exactly what I have when I want one instead of rummaging in a box and never finding anything!!! Of course while sorting them out I came across a few bits that gave me ideas so here are the results ...............

This one is just a card front at the moment waiting to go on a card, I was just playing around with odd bits and pieces and came up with this,

This one I needed to make for my SiL as her Birthday Card never turned up (Grrrrrrr!! Flipping Royal Mail!)

This one I just liked, LOL

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  1. You are too busy sorting things out .... it gives you ideas!!!