Saturday, 30 November 2013


Well here I am to post the cards I've made from the November parcel Liz gave me ......... and just in time to as tomorrow is a day I've been waiting for, the day we start opening our Advent parcels, oh I love having that little gift (actually 2 little gifts, even better!) to open each morning.
Anyway back to November, we're not finished with that just yet! When I opened Liz's parcel I could only see 2 cards I could make but after a bit more thought and playing around during a lovely days crafting with Liz I managed to make 4 so I was happy with that .......... and here they are ....

I really like this one, quite simple and easy to put together

I put together the background, green strip of card, ribbon & button on this one from my parcel and then had no idea what to do with it!!! I left it aside and later on hunted through my own stash and found the picture, nestie shape & greeting which I added to it. I'm not a lover of green as my friends know but I do like this with the green & yellow and the little touches of red.

This one almost made itself it was so quick!! I was just playing around with bits when it all fell into place. The dark strips on the corner strip of backing paper are actually narrow purple ribbon but it doesn't show well at all here!!

I'm not too keen on this one myself!!

So there we are, one year of monthly parcels and challenges completed .......... it has been lots of fun and I've enjoyed both making the cards from the contents of each parcel and the anticipation of what there might be in the next parcel, ........... I'm looking forward to next years parcels and challenges but there's those advent gifts first!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry I forgot to post a comment here. My favourites are the first and last cards

  2. Hi Terri, I started out with seeing Liz' card over at the Snippets Playground, and zipped over to see a closeup. Read about your parcel swaps, then visited Pat to see some pretty cards she had made with Loves & hates. Decided to follow the journey over to your blog to see what you had come up with! I think you folks have a fantastic idea here, and I must say, I thought you did marvelously even when you said you didn't care for the supplies. Now's that true creativity! I just became your 2nd follower, and I hope you might find time to come visit me as well. Thanks for the lovely cards to enjoy and the most interesting posts! Happy wkend.

    1. Hi MaryH, thank you for your lovely comments and for following me. It is great fun swapping the parcels and very challenging at times!!!!!!

  3. Your cards are lovely!!!! Love the gingham ribbon ;)
    Vic x

    1. Thanks Vicki, I liked that ribbon too