Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Part 1 of 3!! The challenge for Novembers parcels, chosen by Pat, was "Ribbons" ............... every card must have a piece of ribbon on it. She knows I don't do ribbon, LOL, although the influence from her & Liz is helping me to use them a bit more so it wasn't as scary a challenge as it would have been earlier in the year!
I managed to get 5 cards from Pats parcel and have quite a lot of lovely bits left over still.

On this first one I used the ribbon to "hang" the little squares on, I used pieces of my own red & white card for the background.

This one came almost totally from my parcel except for the little red gems & greeting. Again I used the ribbon to "hang" the picture from but this time I didn't take it all the way down.
As usual I'm not totally happy with my colouring, the poor little hedgehog looks like he's been in the sun too much, LOL, although the pink is not quite so deep on the actual card.

A very simple one and everything from the parcel, just background paper, a topper, greeting  and a piece of ribbon

The background paper here came from the parcel, it was so lovely and bright I really wanted to use it but had no idea how ......... until I remembered I had some sunflower toppers tucked away, ...... an oval of white card to bring them out and, I think, a lovely card. I couldn't fit ribbon across in a way I liked so I used a little "artistic licence" and added a bow, well it's made from ribbon!

I'm really not sure about this one, ............. I cannot decide if I like it or not, I seem to change my mind every time I look at it, LOL

So there we have my cards from Pat's parcel ..................... onto my one from Liz next, mmmmmm I wonder what she's put in there? I love opening these parcels and letting all the goodies fall out.


  1. Lovely cards Terri. Glad you mnaged to make 3 more after I left you.

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    1. Grrrr !!! I hate seeing a spelling mistake in something I've written/typed, so I deleted the comment !! :o)

      What I said was:

      You did well, Terri :o) I especially like how you used the ribbon on the hedgehog card :o)

      This time though - no spelling mistake !! :o)