Thursday, 17 October 2013


So onto my parcel from Liz ......... a very interesting selection but I soon managed to come up with some ideas and have made 5 cards from it. I have a couple more to make up but I ran out of double sided tape!!! So here's what I've done so far ......

I haven't put a greeting on this one yet but I love black & white cards,

I really wanted to use this gorgeous piece of ribbon but it took me a while to decide how, I used a piece of my own backing paper on it but the rest was from the parcel.

This one took a bit more thinking about, as soon as I saw the circles I wanted to use them together like this .......... like a great bit hoop ear-ring!!! The corners matched with their pink check backing too.

A fairly simple card this one, but I think it's cute

Another easy card to make but I like it

As I say I have at least a couple more to make up from Liz's parcel yet. I think "Swapping the swaps" was a success.

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