Thursday, 17 October 2013


(Part 1) I was quite looking forward to Liz's choice for October of "Swap the Swaps"!! The idea was we would take bits left from all our parcels this year (Jan -Sept) and with the addition of a few bits from our stash if needed send them back!! I couldn't wait to see what I had been "sent back" so was pleased when the time came to open my parcel ........... as always I opened Pats parcel first (don't ask me why, that's just the way I started at the beginning of the year and have kept it up). A lovely array of bits & pieces tumbled out, and so much of it too!!! I didn't know where to start. Eventually I sorted bits out and (so far cos there's loads left still!!!) I made 7 cards.

I made this one up using 2 santas first, but I didn't like it much and the santas wouldn't stick to the crepe paper backing!! In the end I took them off and stuck them to card, then cut them out ......... and finally decided to only use 1 of them.

This one took a lot of working out! I knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure how to do it, in the end I came up with this ......... it was the best I could do!

This one was fairly simple, as usual not too happy with my colouring but there you are.

I actually like this one ......... no Pat it's not "traditional" colours but you know I have to be different, LOL

This was one of my favourites, easy to make too

This is my other favourite, again easy to do

A bit more traditional with red & green, LOL
All in all a lovely parcel as always and lots of fun making the cards.

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