Friday, 19 September 2014


Another month almost gone ............ how do they go so fast? This months theme for the parcels was "Strippety Stripes", and what a lovely lot of stripey papers I got in my parcels! The choice was almost too much but eventually I picked my bits and made 2 cards from Liz's parcel & 3 from Pat's ............... and I have so much stuff left to use at another time too!
So here we go, first the cards from Liz's parcel ...............

A fairly simple card, as usual I'm not really happy with my colouring of the picture but I quite like the card

Another quite simple card but the rather busy paper didn't seem to need anything else

.... and another simple card!!! Pat had included this rather large "celebrate" which, once placed on a darker backing, fitted exactly across the card. The stripey paper matched the colour too and seemed to be all that was needed

This one I did have a little fun with. The backing paper was a sheet with just diagonal stripes but as Pat had included 2 sheets I was able to use half of each one and turning one round make an arrow shape of the stripes. A little tag on a nestie shape and that was that

Again fairly simple ....... but I like it!!

So another months cards done, I was pleased with them all and now looking forward to next month!

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  1. Some lovely cards and lots of lovely stripey paper to use