Saturday, 30 August 2014


The theme this month was "Swap the Swaps" where we send a selection of bits we haven't been able to use from the previous months parcels ................ surprising sometimes how different things look second time around.
I only managed 2 cards from each parcel, not because of what I was sent but because of time ....... I know I can get more from the bits I have left in the future.
So here is what I did do ............

First one from Liz's parcel, a nice Christmas card to add to my stash

Second from Liz's parcel another Christmas card, it wasn't a conscious choice to make 2 Christmas cards just the way it turned out. This one gave me a lot of problems as I couldn't decide on white or coloured background! Eventually I found a piece of paper in my stash that seemed to fit and used that

Now 2 from Pat's parcel .......... first a cute little cat, a very simple card as Pat had included the lovely embossed backing paper, so I didn't have to do much

and secondly a pretty flower card, again very simple

So that is my efforts for August, I'm quite happy with them .......... now to look forward to September

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  1. Well done on your cards. It was lovely to sit together to do our August cards.