Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Well I must apologise for not having been here lately but as you know (or most of you anyway) my daughter had a spell in hospital and is still on crutches with a delightful air boot!! As for me my fibromyalgia reacted to all this with a flare of course!
Anyway things are going well, if slowly, with my daughter and I'm beginning to feel more human again, LOL.
So here are a few cards I've been meaning to post for the last couple of weeks .......

 The one above and below use some bits from my February parcel from Pat and some bits of my own.

 One more Christmas card too add to the box, just a very simple recycling of an old one, It is slightly decoupaged but that doesn't seem to show here!
 This one below I drew myself, wasn't sure it would work but thought I'd give it a go, I later found the butterfly and decided he fitted nicely with it.


  1. Very nice :o) Love your drawings - the girl is just beautiful :o)

  2. Lovely, I think they were the ones you showed me last time I came over