Sunday, 31 March 2013

Oh dear, another long gap between visits, I can't blame my daughter this time even if she is still off work, still wearing an airboot & still unable to put any weight on her foot ........... all because of a little splinter, it beggars belief. 
No this time those beastly germs that struck me down overnight with a chest & throat infection are to blame, even if I'd had the energy to do this I certainly didn't have the brain!!!
But I'm here now to catch up with my March parcels. Luckily I had done these cards finishing them the day before I was taken ill.
First one I opened was Pat's, I managed 3 cards but I didn't do the parcel justice (no fault of Pats, just my cottonwool brain I'm afraid) however I have some bits left so maybe I will come up with more.
Here's what I managed so far ...........
This one used 2 strips of cardboard from Pats parcel & some cardboard letters I had, all coloured with marker pens.

Then I opened Liz's parcel, things were beginning to calm down a bit by then so I managed to do 4 cards (and am working on one more)

     I have a few ideas in mind for some of the bits I have left from both parcels if they work out ok.


  1. I know my parcel of recycled bits was dire, but you did well, fuzzy brain or not :o)

    My faves are from Liz's parcel though - I love the blue iris with the button one & the jungle card. I think they're both fab.

    Let's hope April's Christmas challenge isn't quite so . . . . challenging !!! :o)

  2. Well done for getting them blogged, Terri. I haven't opened my April parcel yet but will by the weekend as my sewing will be finished by then.