Friday, 23 October 2015


Well I'm further behind than ever, I haven't even shown you Septembers cards and here we are headed rapidly towards the end of October!!! Ok let's rectify that right now shall we? I only made 2 cards in September, one from each envelope. I've also done Octobers, 2 from each envelope so I did better.
Let's get on with the show then, .......... hopefully the pics will be ok, my scanner didn't want to work so had to use my phone!
Here we go then, September first .............

 This is from Pat's envelope ............ I think the theme might have been heat embossing but I'm not sure, well I've done a lot of things since then, LOL

This was from Liz's envelope and was probably stamping

Ok, on to October now ...............

So, first 2 are from Liz's envelope and the theme here was peel offs, long time since I've used them so was quite fun to do.

These next 2 are from Pat's envelope and I chose decoupage for them. The sunflower on the first and the butterfly on the second are decoupaged although it doesn't show too well here as I kept them quite flat.

So there we are, all up to date once again. I will try better in future to do things quicker, ............ no promises though, once my head gets into doodling or family history mode everything else goes out the window, LOL.

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