Monday, 24 November 2014


Well for November Pat very nicely chose the theme "Earth, Fire, Wind & Water" ........ doesn't sound too difficult does it? HaHa, I don't think any of us found it as easy as we expected! Both my parcels contained lots of lovely bits and pieces as always but, unlike some months where pieces almost shout at me to put them together, this month nothing was even whispering!! Just a ghostly silence as I perused what I'd been given ............ and I needed to make at least 4 cards from each parcel. For the first time I felt failure creeping in, but I don't give up easily and slowly 1 card emerged, then another, then (with the aid of a few images from my stash) I had my cards, 4 from Pat's parcel & 5 from Liz's.
So here they are, Pat's first .........

This one is obviously "wind", the cloudy background and the hot-air balloons made me think of the wind pushing them around the sky.

I did think this was cheating a little but as Pat had included the words it just had to be "Earth"

"Fire" .... my own image on this one, a lovely log fire

And finally "Water",
So I was pleased with those 4, ......... now onto the cards from Liz's parcel ..........

Firstly we have "Wind" .......... you need a nice windy day to fly a kite

Secondly we have "Fire" ............. slight artistic licence maybe but candles have flames and flames equal fire!

The another "Fire" one

Onto "Earth" ........ I loved this picture Liz included and it didn't need much to turn it into a lovely (IMO) card

And lastly "Water" ........ you can't sail your boat without it

So that's November done and another year of monthly challenges completed, I've complained at times, despaired frequently ......... and thoroughly enjoyed every one of those challenges and now look forward to next years.
But .......... first there is something I look forward to maybe a little more, Decembers advent parcels! My inner child comes out when I wake on the 1st and realise it's time to start opening those little parcels .......... I love it!!!!!


  1. Lovely selection from a difficult challenge, Terri :o)

  2. Certainly was the most difficult one of the year, LOL, yet it didn't sound that bad ......... until it came to doing it!!!