Saturday, 25 January 2014


A New Year and new parcels to play with. Opening the advent parcels leading up to Christmas was such fun and I have some lovely new bits to work with, but now the time came to start on our monthly parcels again.
January was my choice and I asked Liz and Pat to give me a selection of all those bits they love, you know the ones, we all have them, .......... they're the bits that somehow we never get round to using because we love them so much we want to keep them for ourselves. Well the screams probably reverberated all around the world at such a suggestion, ........ so I relented a bit and said I still wanted their favourite bits but I would also take some of those bits they "hated" too, ......... I also explained I did have to give some of my loved bits to them too (ooooooooh the pain!!!).
I heard more screams when they saw what I had given them but I ignored them ........... I was to busy panicking about what I was going to do with what I'd received!!!!!
As always though, once I got over my panic and set to work things came together. I made 4 cards from Pat's parcel (and I'm still playing with another one), so here they are .......................

This one came from Pat's "loves" .......... and I loved the paper too. I do like the little knitting needles and wool but I'm not into knitting, so although they are really cute I'd happily give them away. The silver edged piece of card came from my stash.

Another from the "loves", the stamped image is one of Pat's real loves, and the paper is gorgeous. I added the red card backing from my stash and also the greeting & red dots.

This was a mixture, the paper was from the "loves" part of the parcel and the topper from the "hates". I like the paper myself, and although the image isn't something I would normally choose I don't hate it myself. I did add the black behind it from my stash.

This was from the "hates" part of Pat's parcel .............. the flowers that is. The beads (which didn't come out well in scanning) and the dark blue background card are from my stash. The flowers came from a sheet of paper Pat put in, yes it was covered in those flowers ......... not a favourite of mine by any means!!! I had no idea what to do with it so I just started playing around .......... first I cut some of the corner flowers out thinking I could use them, that didn't work and I'm still playing around with those bits!! Then I realised if I cut the centre strip out that may work .......... well it's far from the best card I've ever made but I don't think it turned out to bad in the end ......... did it?

So it's onto my parcel from Liz now ................ I wonder what I'll come up with from her assortment of bits? You'll have to be patient until I'm ready to show!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think the first two are my favourites. The scanned colours of the third don't really do it justice compared to how I saw it in real life .... or perhaps that is just my memory!!

    1. No, for some reason they didn't seem to scan very well