Saturday, 27 July 2013

So the time came to open my July parcel from Liz ........... as always it contained lots of lovely bits ......... and, as always, my mind went blank! Trouble was this time it stayed blank, no matter  how many times I looked at those bits nothing came to me!! I couldn't even put 2 bits together let alone make a card from then ............... the sun had finally melted my brain!!!
Help came in the form of a visit from Liz ............ a cup of coffee, (ok, tea for Liz) and a natter and finally I had 1 (very simple!) card made.
It helped though and the following morning when I got up I made a second, then a third!!! I had a couple of bits that I wanted to use but had no idea how so I rummaged through my stash and finally I made 2 more cards ............. success at last!!!
So here they are ............

So there we are, I may be able to get 1 or 2 more cards as I have bits left from both parcels but I'm happy with what I have done ............. and starting to look forward to Augusts parcels!!!!


  1. Lovely selection. You did tons better than I did this month, Terri :o) Like you, I loved the die-cutsnowflake doobery, but unlike you, I couldn't think of how to use it. So, it's been put in my Christmas stash for another day :o)

  2. Well done Terri. I had those snowflake bits given to me from a friend in Lincolnshire. I used four bits on one card - one of each side of the card and then it left a space in the middle for a greeting. It came from a Memoery Box die.

  3. Yes I remember the card you did with the snowflake image Liz, it was lovely ....... I just wish I could have done it more justice.
    Pat ..... I surprised myself in the end because to start with I had no idea what to do with anything.