Friday, 25 January 2013

This year my friends Pat, Liz and myself are doing a monthly swap between us, each month we will exchange an envelope of crafting bits (papers, toppers, embellishments, etc.) and the challenge is to see what cards we can make from our "envelope of goodies".
Thanks to the weather making Liz change her plans to play "postie" I haven't yet recieved my January parcel from Pat (looking forward to getting it Monday) but I have had the one from Liz and thoroughly enjoyed it. This months "theme" was by Liz and was "coordinated colours" ....... she gave me green and pink!!! That was a challenge to begin with as she knows I don't like green, LOL, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I achieved. I made 6 cards from the parcel and just added a few bits of card candy or a greeting.
So here they are .............



  1. Well at least green and pink wasn't a challenge too far and you found some nice dark green card and other bits to make them stand out nicely.

  2. Yes the only one I'm not keen on is the 4th one down, just doesn't do anything for me, LOL

  3. Well done !! You finally got here :o) The cards are fab - just goes to show what you can do with colours you don't think really go together, doesn't it ? :o)

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